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Austin Davis surprises many, not me…

Not to be overlooked in this most amazing of football seasons has been the emergence of former Southern Miss quarterback Austin Davis as a solid-bordering-on-superb NFL starting quarterback. His story is almost like a fairy tale. He signed a baseball scholarship at USM and then walked on the football team. He became the starter as […]

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A wish to share this with departed Dogs, Rebs

So Mississippi State is 6-0, ranked No. 1 in the nation and has beaten three Top 10 teams in succession. These are wondrous times filled with unprecedented achievements for the Bulldogs. And yet, I can’t quit thinking about folks I wish were here to share the moment. I would love to have heard Jack Cristil’s […]

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Another week, some more educated guesses

Last week, I gave you State over Auburn and Ole Miss over Texas A&M. Pretty good, huh?Then again, I gave you Jackson State over The Valley and Alcorn over Grambling. Ugh! I suffered my own SWAC attack. Overall, it was a season-worst 7-3 ledger, making me a 65-20 for a none-too-shabby 76.5 percent on the […]

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The picks: Mississippi Madness to continue

The pundits called last Saturday “Upset Saturday” in college football. I did not pick enough upsets. I had State; I missed on Ole Miss. I did finally get the Saints right, barely. For the week I was a season-worst 8-4, which will get you into the BBVA Compass Bowl, but litle else. We’ll try again… […]

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SI’s Miss. Mayhem: Should we be worried???

Ole Miss and Mississippi State football share the Sports Illustrated cover this week, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a Rebel or a Bulldog say, “Oh s—, we’re screwed.” They say that because of the so-called SI jinx. Those who believe in the jinx believe that appearing on the SI cover […]

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Look what’s happening in the old land mass

Look at it. Stare. Blink your eyes. Shake your head. Pinch yourself. OK, it’s still there. Well then, try to comprehend. We are five games in the 2014 college football season. Mississippi State and Ole Miss are tied for third in the U-S-A. LSU, who had been in the Top 25 for 87 straight Associated […]

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Soak it up: It was Magnolia State Saturday

The pundits were calling it “Upset Saturday” in college football. Not me. It was Mississippi Saturday. I mean, what would you change? Nothing at Starkville. The Mississippi State Bulldogs steamrolled the undefeated and No. 6 Texas A&M Aggies. The final score was 48-31, but it wasn’t that close. With Dak Prescott showing that he deserves […]

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We’ve got big games; I’ve got guesses

Achiles had his heel. Napoleon had Waterloo. Custer had Little Big Horn. I’ve got the Saints. My forecast record for this football season is 50-13, which isn’t bad. But consider: In games not involving the Saints, I am 49-10. You can do the math. I can’t predict the Saints any better than they can play […]

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Gov. Winter remembers 1941 and ‘The Game’

People don’t believe me when I tell them this, but it’s true: Mississippi State and Ole Miss once played a football game with the Southeastern Conference Championship at stake. It’s true. It happened nearly 74 years ago in 1940. I have an eyewitness. His name is William Winter and we know him as Governor and […]

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Bring the Saints back to Millsaps….

Short takes … About the New Orleans Saints: My mama taught me that if I couldn’t say something nice, I should not say anything. So, that’s that…. About the officiating in the Memphis-Ole Miss game: Sorry, Mama, that was some of the worst I have ever seen. When they called an obvious forward pass — […]

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