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Baseball Hall Makes Good Selections

Posted on: January 18,2017

The Baseball Hall of Fame selection committee made three good choices on Wednesday afternoon. The Hall announced that joining John Schuerholtz, and Bud Selig will be Ivan Rodriguez, Tim Raines and my favorite Jeff Bagwell. Rodriguez is possibly the best defender to ever play the catcher position. He stopped his opponents running game almost single […]

Baseball Fans Delight

Posted on: October 10,2016

Mississippi baseball fans will have a unique opportunity to meet and talk with some of your favorite players on October 25th at the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum.  For just $50 you will receive a delicious barbecue dinner and reception beginning at 5:30 pm.  At 6:30 a panel discussion with a list of […]

A Job Well Done!

Posted on: January 25,2016

A Job Well Done By Bill Blackwell I am sure that many USM fans are worried about their football program after the announcement over this past weekend that Head Coach Todd Monken had taken an NFL position as the Offensive Coordinator for Tampa Bay. While the timing could hardly be worse with National Signing Day […]

A Daunting Task

Posted on: January 07,2016

A Daunting Task By Bill Blackwell   As I take over the leadership of the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum, I am keenly aware of the responsibility that has been given me.  For a small and impoverished state Mississippi has produced leaders in many categories.  In the arts, music, literature and of course […]

Gone Way Too Soon!

Posted on: November 10,2015

By Bill Blackwell   Working at the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum we deal with death way too often.  Many of our inductees had their glory days in the 40’s, 50’s, or 60’s and it is always a sad day when we lose one of these heroes.  This morning I was shocked to […]

Another of the Greatest Generation Departs

Posted on: October 20,2015

It is happening far too quickly. We lost the third member of the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame within the past five weeks.  This time it was Leon Bramlett, who follows fellow Hall of Fame members Bert Jenkins and Tom Goode to those pearly gates.  Leon, was a Clarksdale, MS native and graduated from Clarksdale […]

Meet Janet Marie Smith

Posted on: October 19,2015

How does a state with a small population and low per capita income produce so many great writers, actors and athletes? At the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum, we tell the stories of the Walter Paytons, Jerry Rices, Steve McNairs, Archie Mannings, Boo Ferrisss and so many more greats from Mississippi that have […]

The Curse of Vicksburg?

Posted on: October 12,2015

  It was brought to my attention last week that in 1908, the last time the Cubs won a World Series, they did their spring training in Vicksburg, MS.  In that era training in the spring was much different than it is today.  Teams would find someplace with a better climate than their northern weather […]