Don Magruder Scott

Born: November 5, 1894

Died: October 10, 1980

Hometown: Woodville, MS

Year of Induction: 1963


College Career

Mississippi State (1913-1917)

• Qualified for American Olympic Team; postponed due to WWI (’16)

• Ran 49.2 sec. quarter mile at Southern Inter-Collegiate Athletic Assn. meet (’15)

• Ran 1 min. 53.2 sec. half mile at the National AAU meet (’16)

• Won the National AAU half mile to become the school’s first National Champion (’16)


International Track Competition

U.S. Army (1919-1945)

• 5th Place in the 800 meters (’20 Olympics)

• 1st Place in the 800 meters, Five Nations Games (’20)

• 1st Place with the Two Mile Relay team, Five Nation Games (’20)

• 9th Place in the Modern Pentathlon (’24 Olympics)


Did You Know?

Being entered in the modern pentathlon in the 1924 Olympics, Scott had to compete in the areas of shooting, fencing, swimming, riding, and running.