Hugh M. "Hughie" Critz

College Career

Mississippi State (1916-1920)

• Lettered in baseball (’19, ‘20)

• Captain of the baseball team (’20)


Pro Baseball Career

Cincinnati Reds (1924-1930)

• Holds record for most assists with 588 (’26)

• Held NL record for fewest errors in a season with 18 (’26)

• Tied with Billy Herman for NL record for most years leading second baseman in double plays (’25, ‘26, ’30, ‘34)

• Cincinnati Baseball Club Hall of Fame (’62)

New York Giants (1930-1935)

• Held NL record for most consecutive chances handled by a second baseman without an error at 197 from June 18 to July 24, 1932

• Holds NL record for most assists (’30, ‘33, ’34)

• Scout (1936-1937)

President, Greenwood Cotton States League Club (1938-1939)

Vice President, Greenwood Cotton States League Club (1940)


Did You Know?

While playing for the New York Giants in a game against the Chicago Cubs, Critz once bought a hunting dog from umpire Charlie Moran. Critz told the story this way, “Moran wanted to sell me his bird dog and we started bargaining before each pitch was thrown. I wouldn’t swing at the ball while I was trying to buy Moran’s dog. [The catcher] got really mad when the count reached 3 and 2 and he screamed for us to either buy the bird dog or to quit talking. Moran said he wanted $150 and I said I’d pay him $100. As the last pitch was thrown, Moran yelled, ‘Ball four, take your base. Sold!’”