Will Edward “BIll” Goodrich

College Career

University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI (1932-1935)

• Wisconsin Badgers, Boxing team, scholarship


Military Career

First Lieutenant in U.S. Army (1944-1947)

• Participated in D-Day invasion, June 6, 1944

• Wounded twice, two Purple Hearts, Combat Infantry Badge Bronze Star, Silver Star, Presidential Citation

• Personally accepted surrender of German troops at end of war in Europe from German General Wilhelm Von Schleiben and Rear Admiral Walther Henne of the German Navy


Career as a Player

• Played semi-pro basketball and boxed as amateur (’35-’39)


Professional Career as a Sportscaster

• Sports Director, WRBC radio, Jackson, MS (1947-1958)

– Jackson Central High School, football & basketball

– Jackson Senators, Southeastern League, minor league baseball

– Developed famed “Whew-Hoo Mercy!” phrase during a Senators baseball game

– First broadcaster in Mississippi to cover JUCO games

• Sports Director, WORD AM, WDXY FM, WSPA-TV, Spartanburg, SC (1952- 1958)

– Wofford College football & basketball

– Spartanburg Peaches AA minor league baseball

– South Carolina high school football & basketball

– Covered Masters golf tournament & LPGA Betsy Rawls Golf Invitational

– Announcer for Green Bay Packers & Green Bay baseball team

• Sports Director, WLBT-TV & WJDX radio, Jackson, MS (1958-1965)

– Voice of the Ole Miss Rebels football team

– Mississippi Big Eight high school football and basketball games

– Track & Field championships

• Sports Director, WFBC radio & TV, Greenville, SC (1965-1969)

– Voice of the Clemson Tigers football & basketball

• Sports Director, WLKY-TV, Louisville, KY (1969-1972)

– Voice of the ABA Kentucky Colonels, Louisville, KY

– Voice of the Louisville Cardinals, basketball road games

• WFOR radio, Hattiesburg, MS (1972-1974)

– Voice of the Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles football, basketball, & baseball teams

• Southern Mississippi Public Relations department (1974-1982)

– Voice of the Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles football, basketball, & baseball teams


Did You Know?

Bill announced the Senators home games live on the air, but he had to re-create the road games from Western Union reports. During a road game re-creation broadcast, the tape machine broke down from 17 minutes. Bill killed time by describing a dog running onto the field and umpires, managers, and players trying to catch the dog. When the tape machine came back on, the message came across that the game was delayed because there actually was a dog on the field.