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Use it or lose it: It's especially true for Champions Tour pros

Posted on: March 31,2016

Experts says we lose 1.5 percent of muscle strength every year after we reach the age of 50. The PGA Champions Tour, which visits the Gulf Coast this week, is for golfers 50 and over. That means Kent Biggerstaff has his PGA “gym on wheels” parked at Fallen Oak for the Mississippi Gulf Resorts Classic […]

Fallen Oak: Wind wasn't a factor but talent surely was

Posted on: March 30,2016

BILOXI — I was cruising along through seven holes in the Mississippi Gulf Resorts Classic Wednesday Pro-Am at drop-dead gorgeous Fallen Oak. I made two birdies, one for a net eagle, and an up-and-down par out of a deep bunker. More importantly, I hadn’t lost a single ball. That’s how I usually measure my golf […]

'Frosty' overcomes bad break to win on Coast

Posted on: March 29,2015

SAUCIER — David Frost, the wine-making golfer from South Africa, might have uncorked a fine bottle of champagne Sunday night. After all, he shot a final round 68 to win the Mississippi Gulf Resorts Classic for his first Champions Tour victory in nearly two years. Frost, 55, came from three shots behind to win his […]

Jim Thorpe's long, unlikely career nears end

Posted on: March 28,2015

SAUCIER — This is Jim Thorpe’s last rodeo. At age 66, and after 44 years of playing golf for a living, Thorpe knows the time has come. He still possesses an athlete’s build, a linebacker’s shoulders and a blacksmith’s forearms, but his creaky joints tell him how old he is on every swing. “The golf […]

Coast wind is Montgomerie's gentle breeze

Posted on: March 27,2015

SAUCIER, Miss. — Colin Montgomerie, the spectacularly accomplished Scottish golfer, was preparing to chip to the second green, his 11th of the day, at Fallen Oak on a windy, sun-kissed Friday afternoon. And then something — something big and blue, caught his eye. It was a sheriff’s deputy, walking in Montgomerie’s line of sight when […]


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