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Last sermon on the mound. . .

Posted on: February 05,2013

By Douglas W. Shanks “Howdy Pardners, I’ve been waiting for you!” – with that booming introduction from the man himself, I was face to face with a true American legend. I was stunned at the hugeness of the man; everything was gigantic. His hands were massive. He stood at least 6’4” and he had one […]

A visit to Ol' Diz

Posted on: December 07,2012

BOND — The cemetery is modest, perhaps the size of a football field, surrounded by a chain link fence. It’s out from Bond, which is out from Wiggins, about 28 miles south of Hattiesburg. Here, Jay Hannah “Dizzy” Dean rests side by side with his wife, Pat, in the morning shade of a cypress tree. […]


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