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Egg Bowl: So many ways to go, including Bo

Posted on: November 30,2014

What follows is my syndicated column that ran in most Mississippi newspapers published on Sundays. There were so many different ways to go with a column about this Egg Bowl. One: The Ole Miss defense, which dominated State at the line of scrimmage, something nobody else has really done this season. Two: Hugh Freeze’s offensive […]

Gov. Winter remembers 1941 and 'The Game'

Posted on: October 01,2014

People don’t believe me when I tell them this, but it’s true: Mississippi State and Ole Miss once played a football game with the Southeastern Conference Championship at stake. It’s true. It happened nearly 74 years ago in 1940. I have an eyewitness. His name is William Winter and we know him as Governor and […]

Moncrief monstrous in Rebs' Egg Bowl win

Posted on: November 24,2012

OXFORD — Hugh Freeze was the winning coach, the man of the hour, but Dan Mullen was the coach on the Ole Miss jumbotron as the final seconds ticked down. What goes round, comes round. And, boy, this came around and came around and came around again. “We will never lose to this team again,” […]

D.D. Lewis: 'What's the fuss?'

Posted on: November 23,2012

D.D. Lewis, one of the greatest players in Misissippi State football history, laughs when asked his favorite Egg Bowl memory. Says D.D., “I don’t really have one.” “We played ’em three times, lost to ’em three times,” D.D. says. “You want to know what I remember about Ole Miss. Here’s what I remember: They all […]

Jerious Norwood remembers a prized Egg from 10 years ago

Posted on: November 21,2012

Jerious Norwood — J-Rock to his fans and friends — doesn’t have to think more than a split second when asked his best Egg Bowl memory. “It was the one we won,” Norwood said from Atlanta Tuesday. “That’s the easiest question I’ve ever answered.” It was Nov. 26, 2005, at Scott Field, and it was […]

Archie Manning had to choose two favorite Egg Bowls

Posted on: November 19,2012

When it comes to picking his most memorable Egg Bowl, Archie Manning can’t choose just one. No, he has to pick one as a player and another as a father. Interestingly, both were played in Starkville. And both games were played in rain. “In 1969, my junior year, we had to beat Mississippi State to […]

Glen Collins and 'that quarterback'

Posted on: November 19,2012

 This is the second of a series of Egg Bowl memories of Ole Miss and State greats from yesteryear. Jackson’s own Glen Collins, one of Mississippi State’s all-time great defensive linemen, played in four Egg Bowls, all in Jackson. “Seems like we always played them on a dreary or rainy day,” Collins says. “It was […]

Egg Bowl memories: Deuce leads off

Posted on: November 19,2012

Today we’ll begin a week-long Egg Bowl series, involving former players on both sides of the rivalry, and their favorite memories from Egg Bowls past.  We begin with Deuce McAllister, who almost became a Mississippi State Bulldog before he went to Ole Miss.  “My cousin, Michael Davis, was a great player at Mississippi State, and […]


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