Week II: Orley, Rick agree to disagree

Posted on: September 03,2012
Orley Hood’s picks:
Auburn at Mississippi State:  Last year, oh man.  Big. Auburn coming off the national championship. State full of ambition after making Michigan look like a junior high team in the bowl game.  State plays great. Wipes the field with Auburn. Loses. Splat. This time? State 24, Auburn 20. A year late, Bulldog nation’ll take it.
UTEP at Ole Miss: Doofus defense early. Lots of offense later. But it was Central Arkansas all game. Not this week. UTEP played Oklahoma tough last week. Rebs, depleted after two awful seasons and a coaching change, could go o-fer in the SEC. Again. Big, big game. UTEP 31, Ole Miss 24.
 Georgia at Missouri: Mizzou’s SEC debut. Georgia trying for a second straight SEC title game. Most every season Georgia seems to be overrated. This is a bad time, going to Columbia when maybe you ain’t what you oughta be. Missouri 20, Georgia 17.
Florida at Texas A&M: Same thing as above, traditional SEC power vs. newbie. Florida was awful last week. Two straight stinkers? Nah. Florida 31, A&M 21.
East Carolina at South Carolina: South Carolina’s going to win. Just like against Vanderbilt last week. Nothing pretty. No real fun for Spurrier. If you value your time, don’t watch this. SC 35, EC 14.
Redskins at Saints: Finally, the offseason from hell comes to an end. So we have RGIII’s debut. Against the bountiless Saints. But it’s still Brees and the boys. And that’s a whole lot. Saints 45, Washington 30.
Rick’s picks:
Auburn at Mississippi State: As I’ve written, can’t remember too many early season games more important than this one is to State. Auburn was impressive in its opening loss to Clemson. Couldn’t tell much about State last Saturday. We’ll know after this week. Auburn 27, State 24.
UTEP at Ole Miss: If UTEP could have kicked field goals, the Miners might have beaten No. 4 Oklahoma last Saturday night in El Paso. This will be a huge step up in competition for the Rebels. Let’s see if they can step up, too. Ole Miss 26, UTEP 23, overtime.
Georgia at Missouri: It just doesn’t seem right saying this is the conference opener for both teams. Flies in the face of tradition. I’m big on tradition, but not so big on this Georgia team. Mizzou, 24-20.
Florida at Texas A&M: Gators vs. Aggies in a league game. How strange is that? Florida has to be better than the Gators looked last week. Right? Wrong. A & M, 30-24.
East Carolina at South Carolina: Did you see the Conference USA results from last week. Sheeesh! SC 37, EC 10.
Redskins at Saints: I don’t really know what to expect from these Saints, but then again, I do know that No. 9 is still the quarterback. Saints, 34-20.
Last week: Rick 3-0, Orley 2-1.

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