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Here's what I do and don't miss about covering Super Bowl

Posted on: February 02,2013

As a sports columnist, I covered 29 Super Bowls. Now, people often ask if I miss covering it. The answer is simple: I miss some aspects of it. I don’t miss a lot more. I absolutely miss seeing my sports writing friends from around the country. I do not miss 500 of us trying to […]

Anthony Dixon: A Hall of Fame story

Posted on: February 01,2013

We begin in the spring of 2001 with an eighth grade home room class from Terry making a field trip to the Mississippi Hall of Fame and Museum. Anthony Dixon, 13, steps up to the football touch-screen kiosk and taps up his hero Walter Payton. Along with films of Payton’s miraculous runs at Jackson State […]

News from your MS Sports Hall of Fame. . .

Posted on: January 25,2013

Notes, quotes and an opinion or two: Many fans know that this is the best Ole Miss start in SEC basketball since 1936-37. But here’s what you might not know: That Ole Miss team 76 years ago included three players later selected to the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame: Bonnie “Country” Graham, Bruiser Kinard and […]

Robert Khayat: The rest of his story

Posted on: January 22,2013

Most readers of this will know 74-year-old Robert Khayat as the former Ole Miss chancellor and former Rebel football and baseball star who went on to play for the Washington Redskins in the NFL. He is a Mississippi Sports Hall of Famer and a loyal supporter of our museum. What many won’t know about Khayat […]

Ferriss figured out how to get Musial out

Posted on: January 20,2013

I was eight years old when Mama bought me a transistor radio, and that little wonder of wonders took me places. I could listen to rock and roll from Chicago on WLS. More importantly, I could listen to St. Louis Cardinals games on KMOX in St. Louis. After bedtime and “lights out,” I’d hide that […]

The team that couldn't shoot straight. . .

Posted on: January 17,2013

Next week the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum will honor the Lanier High School team of 1964-65 that won 43 games, lost none and averaged 100 points per game. They were national champions. But, today, we’ll go back 21 years earlier and visit the other end of the spectrum. This was early December, […]

Happy birthday Bobby Crespino, and thanks

Posted on: January 11,2013

Funny the way your mind works. Fifty-two years ago this month I saw the first football play that registers in my mind. I was eight years old at the time, and had seen plenty of football, but this is the first play I vividly remember. Maybe it was because it was seen from the sidelines […]

'The Thing' for Bittle is now medicine

Posted on: January 10,2013

He was practically unhittable, Scott Bittle was, when he dominated Southeastern Conference hitters for Ole Miss in 2008 and won the C Spire Boo Ferriss Trophy. Bittle threw one pitch so cruelly effective that it had its own name: The Thing. It looked like a fastball until it approached home plate and then it just […]