Aaron "Butch" Lambert

Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame Inductee


Aaron Lambert Mississippi Hall of Fame Inductee

Aaron "Butch" Lambert Stats, Bio

Born: February 27, 1923

Hometown: Holcut, MS

Year Induction: 2000

Deceased : January 26, 1985

High School Career

Itawamba Agricultural High School (1938-1941)

College Career

Ole Miss (1946)

  • Lambert was injured while playing center; Coach Johnny Vaught allowed him to stay on as manager/trainer.

Professional Career

SEC Line Judge (1953-1982)

SEC basketball referee (1953-1973)

Officiated 4 regional NCAA basketball tournaments

President, SEC Football Officials Association

SEC Chief Line Judge (1980-1981)

Officiated 12 bowl games, including National Championships:

  • 1975 Orange Bowl (Notre Dame vs. Alabama)
  • 1982 Orange Bowl (Clemson vs. Nebraska)

Did You Know?

Like most high school graduates of his day, Butch volunteered for military duty and served in the U.S. Navy from 1943-1946. He played center on the Great Lakes National Service Championship football team, whose coach was none other than the legendary Paul Brown.

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