11 years of C Spire Ferriss history here

Posted on: May 18,2015

Several folks have asked this week for a complete rundown of C Spire Ferriss Trophy winners and finalists over the years.
So, here goes… note, that we moved to five finalists from three in 2013. The winner is in bold.
2014 Auston Bousfield (Ole Miss), Tyler Akins (Belhaven), Chris Ellis (Ole Miss), Jacob Lindgren (MSU), Ross Mitchell (MSU).
2013 Hunter Renfroe (MSU), Josh Branstetter (DSU), Andrew Pierce (USM), Stuart Turner (Ole Miss), Bobby Wahl (Ole Miss)
2012 Chris Stratton, (MSU), Colton Mitchell (DSU) Alex Yarbrough (Ole Miss)
2011 Tyler Koelling (USM) , B.A. Vollmuth (USM), Jarrod Parks (MSU)
2010 Drew Pomeranz (Ole Miss), Todd McInnis (USM), Conner Powers, (MSU)
2009 Craig Westcott (Belhaven), Brian Dozier (USM), Scott Bittle (Ole Miss)
2008 Scott Bittle (Ole Miss) Tyler Conn (USM) Rickey Noland (DSU)
2007 Ed Easley (MSU), Zack Cozart (Ole Miss), Thomas Royals (Belhaven)
2006 Thomas Berkery (MSU), Toddrick Johnson (USM), Zach Penpraise (MVSU))
2005 Brian Pettway (Ole Miss,), Stephen Head (Ole Miss) ,Craig Newton (DSU), , Garner Wetzel (Millsaps)
2004 Stephen Head (Ole Miss), Brad Corley (MSU), Jarrett Hoffpauir (USM).
The 2015 finalists: James McMahon (USM), Wes Rea (MSU), Melvin Rodriguez (Jackson State), Keith Shumaker (Millsaps) and Scott Weathersby (Ole Miss).
For those who are keeping score, and here in Mississippi folks always are: Ole Miss has had 12 finalists, MSU 10, USM nine, Delta State and Belhaven three each, and Millsaps two and Jackson State and Mississippi Valley State one each.
As far as winners, Ole Miss had had four, MSU four, USM one, and Belhaven one.

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