A thank-you note to Hall of Famer Ray Guy

Posted on: February 03,2014

By Darrell Manning
I have a quick story about Mr. Ray Guy that has nothing to do with his athletic ability.
Eight years ago, my wife’s father, Bob Pike, was told he had terminal lung and brain cancer. He was 67 at the time. He was a well-known restaurant owner in the Clarksdale area. He loved the Ole Miss Rebels and the New Orleans Saints, so I was very surprised when he told me years back that Ray Guy was his all-time favorite football player. He would just gush about how good Guy was, what a great all around athlete he was.
Bob, my father in-law, got progressively worse and was pretty much bed bound. The spring before he died my wife and I attended a buying show in Natchez. Mr Guy was making a personal appearance. After we played in a golf tournament we all went to eat at a local BBQ joint. Mr Guy was there also.
I told my wife I was going to ask Ray Guy  to sign something for Bob. I approached Mr Guy and he stuck out his hand and greeted me. I told him about Bob and how much he had admired him and asked him if he would sign something for him. He said sure and then did something amazing.
He told my wife to get Bob on the phone. He talked to total stranger for almost 20 minutes. Bob didn’t have many good days after that, but that day was a great one. We thanked him but I’m not sure he knew what that 20-minute call meant to Bob.
Thanks again Pro Football Hall of Fame Member Ray Guy.
Darrell Manning
Just give him a ball and Ray Guy can do something with it.

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