Breathe it deeply today

Posted on: September 08,2012

This, friends, is what we’ve been waiting for, the best day since spring, blogging away on the patio under perfect blue skies, a refreshing breeze, the Sunday New York Times in hand, warmed by fresh coffee and the glow of Saturday’s victories by Mississippi State and Ole Miss, anxious for the noon kickoff of the Saints’ season.
Can’t get much better than this.
Not to be intellectually provincial, but it’s the kind of day when I feel a bit sorry for those who face their days with no stake in the sporting world, that anticipation you and I get to share, that flurry of butterflies gently flapping their wings in our innards, when the sweet air we breathe connects us to our childhoods, to our sporting heroes, to the games and the people that have meant so much to us.
Novak and Ferrer finish their semi today, but it could be Sampras-Agassi or McEnroe-Borg, Pancho-Kramer, Laver-Newcombe.
Brees will blow fiercely against the Redskins in the Superdome today, but it could be Archie versus the Rams at Tulane Stadium, or Jake against Billy Cannon or …
It’s a feast, today is. Eat it with a spoon. Rory and Tiger. Braves and Mets. Light the grill. Pop a cool one.
For people like you and me, it’s Christmas morning in September.
We get to be kids again.

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