C Spire Conerly? Glad you asked

Posted on: November 25,2012

The sun rose today, even in Starkville and Hattiesburg … and now to answer a few questions folks are asking about the C Spire Conerly Trophy:
Q. Who votes?
A. A panel of more than 50 media members who cover college football in the state.
Q. Who selects the nominees?
A. The schools themselves. It’s the head coach’s final decision.
Q. Donte Moncrief is not a nominee. Can voters write him in?
A. No. You can only vote for the nominees on the ballot.
Q. When is the deadline for ballots.
A. Must be received by 3 p.m. Monday.
Q. Who would you vote for?
A. I don’t have a vote. But I think it is important to remember this is an award based on a season of achievement, not a single game or month.
Q. When’s the banquet?
A. Tuesday night at your Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum. The program starts at 7, there’s a reception at 5:30.
Q. Are tickets still available.
A. Yes, call 601 982-8264, leave a message today with your contact info or call after 9 a.m. on Monday. Banquet tickets are $100 a plate and there are mezzanine tickets with ballpark food available for $25. Proceeds to to your Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum, which receives no tax support for operating expenses from any level of government.
Q. There are 10 nominees. How many finalists will there be?
A. There will be five.
Q. Who’s going to win?
A. Your guess is as good as mine. As always, there are several worthy candidates.

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  1. Raiford says:

    Who are the media writers who vote for the Conerly award?

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