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The M-State Rebels: Here we go again. . .

Posted on: June 14,2013

Well, at least the College World Series souvenir T-shirts didn’t say “Land Mass State Rebels.” You’ve probably seen or heard by now that Mississippi State fans at the souvenir stands in Omaha Friday were greeted with T-shirts that said: “Mississippi State Rebels.” One newspaper website referred to the mistake as a “typo.” Typo? Folks that’s […]

Miller Barber: He gave us all hope

Posted on: June 13,2013

We have been so busy here at your Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame this week, I totally missed this news: Miller Barber, the most unconventional of all accomplished golfers I have watched, died Tuesday at the age of 82. In Barber’s New York Times obituary, his golf swing was described as “unorthodox.” That’s like saying […]

Jeffrey Rea went down swinging, hustling

Posted on: June 13,2013

(Another College World Series flashback, this one from 2007. Thanks for the fond memory Jeffrey Rea.) OMAHA, Neb. – Little Jeffrey Rea really did go down swinging. And slapping line drives. Would we have expected anything different from Rea, one of the most productive players in Mississippi State’s proud baseball history? I think not. With […]

Omaha was magical for Rusty Thoms

Posted on: June 12,2013

(What follows is a column I did on Rusty Thoms and his two-year run at the College World Series (1997-98). This column was actually written in 2007, on the occasion of State’s last visit to Omaha. Thoms, more than any player I ever covered at the CWS captured the essence of the event.) June 13, […]

Shorty Mac's namesake finds a treasure

Posted on: June 11,2013

(Tom Smith of Madison considers Hall of Famer Shorty McWilliams “my second dad.” Smith, 56, a former Mississippi State linebacker, says he received a lot of sound advice from McWilliams growing up. He also got something else from Shorty Mac: his name. That’s right: The late Dick Smith, then a Meridian sports writer, named his […]

CWS: Something I will miss about my old job

Posted on: June 10,2013

People ask me all the time: Do you miss writing sports for a living? Do you miss going to  the games? Most times, I answer that I am quite happy with what I am doing now, that I still get to write a lot and that I am working for a cause that I so […]

RIP Cliff Shanks, ex-Clinton, Auburn slugger

Posted on: June 10,2013

Cliff Shanks, part of one of Mississippi’s well-known sports families, died unexpectedly at his home in Pascagoula Saturday night. He was 41. Cliff is the son of long-time SEC football official Don Shanks and the grandson of Fred Shanks, who was Boo Ferriss’s catcher at Mississippi State. Doug Shanks, Cliff’s uncle, is the head baseball […]

Henry Lee Parker: a war hero, people person

Posted on: June 07,2013

The first paragraph to the Associated Press story of Henry Lee Parker’s death earlier week reads: “Florence, Ala. — Henry Lee Parker, who played a role in the SMU football scandal that resulted in the NCAA shutting down its football program for two years, has died. He was 88.” Accurate? Yes. An appropriate assessment of […]