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We're headed into November, all tied

Posted on: October 30,2012

You’ve heard of a blind spot? If not, I’ll give you a sample. Orley Hood has a blind spot. They are called the New Orleans Saints. I can’t tell you the last time Orley forecast a Saints game correctly. His heart gets in the way of his head. That blind spot is all that keeps […]

Orley cain't figure out his Saints

Posted on: October 23,2012

My pal Orley can’t seem to get his Saints right. He picks ’em to win, they lose. He picks ’em to lose, they win. Me? Man, I been watching those guys since I was 13. I got ’em figured out. Yeah, right. . . . The Saints’ not-so-convincing win over Tampa Bay Sunday gave me […]

Special night, special man

Posted on: October 17,2012

The boys got together Tuesday night — his boys — to give the old guy grief. The yelling and hollering, the twisting of the face masks, the attention to detail that marked so vividly a 60-year career trying to grind concentration and dedication into locker rooms filled with kids. It was Jack Carlisle Night at […]

Hood takes the lead

Posted on: October 16,2012

Orley Hood, the wily veteran, has taken a one-game lead over relative newcomer Rick Cleveland. Boy, that was fun to write. Only Orley could make this old soul feel like a newcomer.   Here we go again . . . Orley’s picks   Middle Tennessee State at Mississippi State: The dream, ever since State fans […]

Here we go again. . .

Posted on: October 09,2012

Me ‘n’ Ricky went Tierra del Fuego (that’s waaay south) last week, each going 6-6. But, like Lewis and Clark, we press on …   Orley’s picks   Tennessee at Mississippi State: As goofy as the Vols have been — 44 against Georgia and still lost! — and as 5-0 and ranked as State is, […]

Our pal, Duff . . .

Posted on: October 03,2012

Decades ago it was, a smashup between sports and music, a reminder that the best nights often start with one purpose and finish with another. Something was happening with Ole Miss football. I forget what. It was 30 years ago. After covering a basketball game at Tad Smith, Rick and I wandered over to The […]

What will Orley do for an encore?

Posted on: October 02,2012

After years out the football prognosticating business, Orley Hood took less than half a season to regain his regally omniscient form. Hood went Bo Derek on us last week, a perfect 10 for 10 to pull into a tie on the season. “Don’t take long to warm up a Roll Royce,” Hood said when asked […]

When Saints really were Ain'ts

Posted on: September 26,2012

Oh, the humanity …   OK. The Saints aren’t a zeppelin burning in Lakehurst, N.J. As far as I know, nobody died in the Superdome last Sunday. Technically, anyway. The Saints are 0-3.   We can be forgiven, I guess, for thinking they’d be 3-0 going into the Packers game this week.   Alas … […]


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