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Saints get little respect here

Posted on: September 24,2012

Orley vowed a comeback last week and he delivered, cutting Rick’s lead to a measly one game on the season. Cleveland is now 21-8, Hood 20-9, and, no, that’s not against the spread. Both missed on the Saints, but both appear to have learned their lesson.  Orley’s picks  Ole Miss at Alabama: It’s one of […]

Cool air + Friday night = bliss

Posted on: September 21,2012

Kismet or serendipity, take your pick. Autumn and cool weather have arrived in tandem as our high school lads in the larger classifications begin their quest to make the state football tournament tonight. All across the state questions will be asked, and some answered, as we put away sweet old rivalries — aka, the preseason […]

Rankings are nice, but …

Posted on: September 18,2012

‘Tis a heady thing, this Top 25. As Lewis and Clark might have said, it’s a big country. Filled with darkness and dread. Wildcats and Gators. Red Tide and roaring Tigers. To shove your way into the Top 25, even at this early date, is one small step for State, one giant leap for Bulldog […]

Team Europe looking up

Posted on: September 11,2012

For those of us with the random overseas sporting bent, it has been a summer — really, several years — of interesting developments in Europe. First, the Spanish: Alberto Contador, two victories in the Tour de France, although it’s hard to say how many he still has. Fernando Gonzalez, two World Driving Championships in Formula […]

Peyton, RGIII have folks smiling

Posted on: September 10,2012

This we think we know (or, at least, suspect): Mike Shanahan’s happier than at any time since he coached John Elway. John Elway’s pretty darn happy, too. And Archie. Bo Wallace put a smile on Ole Miss fans’ faces, but the defense will give them the kind of digestive problems over-the-counter drugs were never meant […]

Breathe it deeply today

Posted on: September 08,2012

This, friends, is what we’ve been waiting for, the best day since spring, blogging away on the patio under perfect blue skies, a refreshing breeze, the Sunday New York Times in hand, warmed by fresh coffee and the glow of Saturday’s victories by Mississippi State and Ole Miss, anxious for the noon kickoff of the […]

On David Coates. . .

Posted on: September 07,2012

Northwest Rankin plays at Brandon High tonight, a big deal east of the Pearl River. The stadium will be full. The bands will be loud. The cheerleaders will be pretty. And the players will get after each other like wild hyenas.     It always was one of David Coates’ favorite nights of the year. […]

The Horns are here! Lots of 'em

Posted on: September 07,2012

Longhorn Nation has invaded Oxford and you couldn’t get a restaurant reservation on The Square with a fistful of $100 bills. Just about every young Ole Miss grad that I know of — a couple who are blood kin — is heading up this afternoon to get a load of the burnt orange on sacred […]


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