Saints get little respect here

Posted on: September 24,2012

Orley vowed a comeback last week and he delivered, cutting Rick’s lead to a measly one game on the season. Cleveland is now 21-8, Hood 20-9, and, no, that’s not against the spread. Both missed on the Saints, but both appear to have learned their lesson.

 Orley’s picks

 Ole Miss at Alabama: It’s one of those weeks when one of college football’s mere mortals, in this case Ole Miss, pays the price for playing in the SEC West, which is a lot like playing in the NFL, but with better officiating. Tide 38, Rebs 10.
Louisville at Southern Miss: Whatever disease USM has, it’s hard to see it getting cured in one week. I hope the coaches burned the Western Kentucky tape. Louisville 31, USM 17.
Tennessee at Georgia: Rick made fun of me for picking UT over Florida. Something about once a dope, still a … If Derek Dooley doesn’t pick it up, he’s going to find himself back in Athens living with Vince and Barbara. Georgia 38, UT 21.
Missouri at Central Florida: Missouri got clubbed last week at the other Columbia. But UCF is no South Carolina. Mizzou 30, UCF 14.
Arkansas at Texas A&M: I just wish this was happening to Bobby Petrino, that lowlife, and not John L. Smith. Aggies 40, Hogs 20.
South Carolina at Kentucky: Gamecocks found a passing game last week to go with Marcus Lattimore, their great running back. And UK seriously stinks. Chickens 45, Cats 7.
Ohio State at Michigan State: Big Ten? Really? What’s next, Ricky, MAC games? Anyway, OSU 37, MSU 21.
Louisiana Tech at Virginia: Interesting … Sun Belt goes to ACC land and prevails. But, boy, Charlottesville is a really cool place. Tech 21, UVA 17.
Texas at Oklahoma State: This should be a fun four-hour game. But the Cowboys have far more holes in their lineup than do the Longhorns. Texas 52, Oklahoma State 38.
Saints at Packers: Oh, woe is me. I ache for the Saints. Pack 34, My Poor Defenseless Lads 31.

Rick’s picks

Ole Miss at Alabama: Not a great way to start the SEC schedule, but it is what it is. Bama 41, Ole Miss 10.
Louisville at Southern Miss: No, I did not see this — or anything close — coming. Louisville 38, USM 20.
Tennessee at Georgia: Georgia looks like its for real. Tennessee, not so much. Georgia 31, UT 14.
Missouri at Central Florida: Upset special, UCF 30, Mizzou 27.
Arkansas at Texas A&M: Ditto, what Orley said about Petrino. A & M 41, Hogs 21.
South Carolina at Kentucky: South Carolina looks really, really good and Kentucky looks like so many other Kentucky teams we’ve seen. South Carolina 38, Kentucky 13.
Ohio State at Michigan State: Orley, I threw in a Big 10 game for amusement purposes only. Ohio State 23-20.
Louisiana Tech at Virginia: Tech is a good football team. Tech, 27-17.
Texas at Oklahoma State: Texas has had a week off to prepare, not the Longhorns much needed a break after their visit to Oxford. Texas 38, Cowboys 27.
Saints at Packers: Saints have no defense and Pack has plenty of O.  Packers 41, Saints 27.

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