Peyton, RGIII have folks smiling

Posted on: September 10,2012

This we think we know (or, at least, suspect):
Mike Shanahan’s happier than at any time since he coached John Elway.
John Elway’s pretty darn happy, too.
And Archie.
Bo Wallace put a smile on Ole Miss fans’ faces, but the defense will give them the kind of digestive problems over-the-counter drugs were never meant to address. That halftime score, 21-0, could have been waaaay different.
Best thing about Tyler Russell through two games? How relaxed he seemed to be. Can’t make good decisions when you’re dry-heaving indecision.
Even if you’re not a Gator fan, don’t you kind of miss that Ol’ Ball Coach passing attack, when it seemed as if four all-American receivers were running loose at once? Today’s Gators are about halfway boring.
Brandon High has its best team since ol’ No. 3, Jerious Norwood, ran like a deer for the Bulldogs.
Despite everything Sunday, I have more than a half suspicion that the Saints would have won had Sean Payton been coaching.
The line’s just out. Florida State’s a 120-point favorite over Pisgah on Saturday. Seriously, FSU’s AD ought to be slapped and sent to his room without his supper.
Is RGIII the ticket? Oh, yeah, babe. Box seats. Front row. Full access credentials. That guy is a party.
Over and out for now. Got to go outpick Rick.

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