Class of 2014: In a class by themselves

Posted on: July 18,2014


When I say the Class of 2014 is one of the most accomplished in Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame history, I exaggerate not one bit.
As we put together their lockers for our entrance exhibit Thursday, that became more apparent than ever. A few glimpses:

Yes, those are the genuine Olympic medals of the great Calvin Smith, from Bolton, once the world’s fastest human for a period of four years.

Deuce McAllister is the leading rusher and touchdown scorer in both Ole Miss and Saints history, but first he was all-everything for Morton High.

Ruthie Bolton, from McLain, the 16th of 20 offspring in her family, won Olympic gold twice.

The great Doug Cunningham of Louisville was nicknamed Goober by his San Francisco 49ers teammates because he talked like Goober Pyle on the Andy Griffith Show. Those same teammates would all tell you Goober could fly.

From seventh grade volunteer coach to the Final Four and SEC Coach of the Year twice, Richard Williams’ story is truly amazing.

The Tennessee Titans donated Steve McNair’s uniform to the MSHOF. Thanks GM Ruston Webster, a Madison native, for that. McNair won an NFL MVP for the Titans.

2 responses to “Class of 2014: In a class by themselves”

  1. Robert "Bobby" Yarbrough says:

    Doug Cunningham was one of the best Football players to ever come out of Louisville High School , Even thou he went to That Team Up North, He was the best they ever had. Just think how good he could have been if he had stayed at Home (State ) Congratulations Doug You deserve this honor, Your Old Friend Bobby

  2. fred corley says:

    as good a man as he was an athlete

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