Here's a suggestion for Hall of Fame. . .

Posted on: June 07,2013

(Mark Doiron, right, formerly of Vicksburg, has been an Allstate agent 28 years in Madison.  He has officiated college football for 20 years. What follows is taken from a letter Doiron wrote to me. Would like to know what others think. — Rick Cleveland)

Does or will the Hall ever consider selecting great high school athletes that made such a tremendous impact on a sport but never had the opportunity of continuing to further themselves on that particular sport because of finances of going to college or even maybe playing another sport that got them in college?
What I am trying to drive at is I see where high school coaches get inducted because of many reasons such as the years they spent coaching a particular sport and had great successes, but what about the high school athlete that did make an impact but got side tracked?
One of Mississippi’s best all-around high school track sports athlete for many years was Winn Foshee.  He held the 100-yard dash record from the 60’s to the 80’s until Olympian Calvin Smith broke it.  Of course, the 100 yards is now the 100 meter.  Still today as I meet people who grew up during the 60’s I ask them if they ever heard of Winn Foshee?  Praises and astonishment are the replies I get.
Winn ended up playing football only one season and practically the entire football world recruited him.  As you know, he ended up going to USM.  However, the impact he had on MS. High School Track cannot be left unnoticed.  Winn has all the articles, letters, pictures, etc. that were written about his accomplishments.   He was recognized nationally as well.
I talked to his Murrah HS Track Coach and Hall of Famer Jack Carlisle who said “Winn was a dominate player in his time and could have been even now.”  Coach Carlisle continued to say “there’s no telling what Winn could have done today running on these synthetic tracks instead of running on cinders.”
Rick, all I am saying is that the Hall should consider adding a category for a athlete who was just such an outstanding high school athlete in a particular sport.  I am sure the MS. Sports Hall of Fame is and should be an institution for all athletes no matter at what level.   Yes, there could be many to consider as you move forward but these high school athletes dream and also work hard on their sport to succeed but there are some that just go that extra mile and achieve national recognition that makes an impact on that particular sport.
Opening up a high school athlete category will be a positive move for the Hall.  Winn is only one high school story. There are many.
I hope you and the board will consider “opening up” a special category in MS. Sports Hall of Fame for high school athletes.
Thanks and I wish you success at the Hall.

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  1. Jane Boykin says:

    You had to know I’d be among the first to say, “Great idea” – and, that I’d have a slightly different perspective! We know from the science of child development that every child has his or her own unique pattern of development, including physical development. Some are “grown” by the time they reach high school – large enough to give us unforgettable Friday night thrills but not competitive at the next level. Certainly, there are exceptions; but, more often than not, it’s the kids that were only beginning to reach their full development that are able to move up if they don’t face other barriers.
    An exhibit with folding chairs and string lights that pays tribute to the community-building role of high school sports in the small communities of our rural state might be the right setting. It would definitely be the perfect setting to promote community investment in recreational league sports that, again according to the science of child development, are the best possible way for children to learn life has rules and boundaries and those who play by the rules and stay in the boundaries are rewarded with a satisfying, law-abiding adult life.

  2. Mark Doiron says:

    I also wanted to point out that Win’s 100 yard time was 9.5 tied the national best in 1967 and was just 1/10th off the national high school record set by former Ohio State and Olympian Runner Jesse Owen who ran a 9.4 in high school. Numerous articles from the Jackson Daily News and other papers throughout MS acknowledged his accomplishments.

  3. Mimi Speyerer says:

    Mark & Rick: Sounds like a great idea!

  4. Gene Estapa says:

    This an old topic, but I agree there should be a Mississippi Hall HS Fame and if not already in existence, a general MS Athletic Hall. Winn Foshee was ahead of his time in Miss where 9.9 and 10.0 100yd dash times were considered fast. Others like J.E Loiacano and Joseph “Doc” Rhoades of Bay St. Louis who were neighbors and weighlifting partners influenced countless athletes (including myself) in the state. Coach Loiacano winning state championships at Gulfport High and ascending to Strength Coach at Miss State and “Doc” winning Pan American Games in Power Lifting where he set world records in the Total, Dead Lift, and Squat in the 165 and 148 lb body weight class.

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