I couldn't agree more about Ray Guy…

Posted on: July 13,2013

Notes, quotes and an opinion or two while vacationing on Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, where they don’t get Atlanta the Braves on TV every night, which makes my wife a happy camper….

Received this email from Bill Campbell about Hall of Famer Ray Guy:
“Recently on a flight to Jackson, I recognized Ray Guy as a fellow passenger…I did ask for a photo and he was gracious enough to agree. I couldn’t help questioning why he is not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I know this is an “old horse” that probably been beaten long enough, but I do think it is an injustice to Ray and his record to be shunned for so long. I write only as a football fan. I am not a USM alum or fan and certainly not a Raider fan, just one who respects talent and accomplishment….”
Bill, I couldn’t agree more. Ray Guy made the all-time, all-time NFL team. He is the best punter who ever lived, period. John Madden and Al Davis considered him the missing link to their championship teams and he proved them right. With Ray Guy on your team, fourth down was not such a bad thing…. He should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. So should Charlie Conerly. Both are in our Hall of Fame and we are proud of them…..
Most fans will best remember Guy’s 93-yard punt against Ole Miss that rolled through the south end zone. Not me. Here’s the play I will most remember: Early in the second quarter of Super Bowl 18, Guy and the Raiders, leading the Redskins7-0, faced fourth down near midfield. Todd Christensen’s snap, however, was high and wide, forcing Guy to make a leaping one-handed catch. Jerry Rice would have been proud of that snag. Had Guy not made the stunning catch, the ball would surely have gone nearly to the Raiders end zone. The Raiders went on to win big but Guy’s remarkable catch and punt saved what could have been a game-changing play. Madden was quick to point it out afterward. That’s what people forget about Ray Guy. He was an extraordinary athlete who just happened to be the best punter of all-time….
Four Jackson-area medical groups will be hosting a “Health Matters” pavilion at the main entrance to the Sanderson Farms PGA Championship at Annandale in Madison July 17 – 21.  
The groups are NewSouth NeuroSpine, Jackson Heart Clinic, Capital Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center and Jackson Eye Associates.  
The plan is to use this tent, and the tournament, as a platform to educate Mississippians on how leading a healthier lifestyle will enhance their overall quality of life.  Each day, these groups will offer heart, neck and spine, orthopaedic and vision-related health information to visitors. Visitors will also receive assorted giveaway items and may enter daily drawings to win golf-related prizes. . . .
How’s this for a doubleheader sweep? Brothers Gabe and Jacob Baldwin both won club championship at Jackson-area country clubs over the July 4th weekend. Gabe won the Country Club of Jackson championship and Jacob won the Canton CC title. And get this: Both shot 71s on the last day to win their titles. Gabe beat junior golf sensation Wilson Furr with a birdie on the final hole to win the CCJ title. This marked the second time in three years that the Baldwin brothers have won the championships at their respective clubs.

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  1. Steve Brown says:

    “Scatter shooting” sounds just like Blackie Sherrod’s column I used to enjoy reading in the Sunday edition of The Dallas Morning News.

  2. Rick Cleveland says:

    Unabashedly stolen from Blackie, whom I met and admire greatly.

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