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Posted on: January 09,2016

Rick Cleveland

Rick Cleveland

Last night, on a lark, wife Liz and I drove over across the river to seek our fortune. Yes, we went to buy Powerball tickets. We headed I-20 West, Liz driving, me shotgun.
“Sure is a lot of traffic,” Liz said.
“Everybody’s headed to get rich,” said I.
We laughed.
But the traffic got worse as we neared Vicksburg and crossed Ol’ Man River. And then, as we approached Mound, we saw something remarkable. It was as if we were coming up on Field of Dreams. Cars were lined in both directions from the Mound exit. They were backed up a mile. Blue lights were at intervals, directing traffic.
“You sure you want to do this?” I asked.

This IPhone photo doesn’t do the line of cars justice. It went forever.

“We’re in,” Liz said.”We could use 800 million dollars right now. Besides, what else have we got to do?”
I had no answer.
The line moved fairly fast. When we got within 500 feet of the store, Liz rolled down the window and asked the officer what to do. He explained that we were in line to park and then we would need to get out and get in line to buy tickets.
“How long will it take?” Liz asked.
He shrugged but said it probably depended on whether or not we wanted to pick our own numbers.
We inched along until we got to another officer. Apparently, knowledge is nearer. This one told us that if we wanted to pick our own number, it would take two or three hours. If, however, we took random numbers, we would be out in 30 minutes.
Easy choice. We lucked into a quick parking place. Liz got in the short line. I went into the liquor store. You didn’t think 800 million dollars was the only reason we went across state lines, did you? Besides, if this was going to take 30 minutes…
Long story short, Liz got the lottery tix before I finished shopping. She even called brother Bobby and he put in his order.
She came in the store where I was finishing up.
“We’re rich,” she said.
I am told they draw the lucky numbers today. I also am told we have more of a chance of getting struck by lightning or attacked by a shark than having a winning number.
Brother Bobby has been struck by lightning. I’ve been attacked by a shark.
We got this.
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