Looking for a Unique Venue?

Posted on: March 22,2013

Looking for a unique venue to hold a banquet, reunion, seminar or another kind of celebration?
Look no further than your Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum.
Rentals of the various museum facilities are one revenue source that has allowed the museum to open six days a week for nearly 17 years without a penny of tax money for operating expenses.
The Trustmark Conference Room, 2,235 sq. ft. room has hosted seminars, banquets, rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, and family reunions and more.
In recent weeks, more and more customers have opted for the museum itself, which is now equipped with two 80-inch, high definition TV screens. At a recent luncheon gathering of the Ole Miss M Club Alumni Association, football coach Hugh Freeze addressed a crowd of about 150 while the two TV screens showed highlights of the Rebels surprising 2012 season in the background. At one point, Freeze used the same mannerisms to make his point to the luncheon audience that he was using on the TV screens behind him to make his point to his player in the locker room.
Mississippi State and Southern Miss groups have also used the museum to host events in recent weeks. Attendees were able to view their favorite Mississippi athletes and historical sports highlights using the museum’s new, state-of-the-art touchscreen computer kiosks. For USM fans, Sammy Winder’s 21-foot dive into the end zone against Ole Miss and Ray Guy’s 93-yard punt were huge favorites. State fans played the final seconds of the 6-3, 1980 victory over Alabama over and over.
The mezzanine level of the museum is also available for rental and will soon be served by another 80-inch, high definition TV, which will be directly in front of stadium seating for 45.
Pricing for the various venues can be found at

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