Madison Central to celebrate the remarkable 1999 Jaguars

Posted on: October 21,2015



Madison Central will celebrate it’s state championship team of 1999 Friday night when the Jaguars play host to Jackson Callaway.
That 1999 team, coached by the inimitable Mike Justice, has to rank as one of the greatest high school teams in Mississippi history. They were a remarkable group that featured two future NFL offensive linemen, Chris Spencer and Doug Buckles, an NFL linebacker Parys Harrelson, an NFL wide receiver Mike Espy and one of the greatest placekickers in pro football history, Stephen Gostkowski.
And here’s the kicker: Perhaps the best player on the team, running back Bobo Brown, never made the pros because of injuries suffered in college.
They were dominant. And they were extremely well-coached, although you’d never get Justice to tell you that.
“The best thing I did is I didn’t screw them up,” Justice recently said, laughing as he said it.
Justice was Old School. If something worked, he didn’t change it. If a play kept working, he kept running it. When Madison Central trounced Provine in the state championship game, Brown kept running behind that huge, talented offensive line keyed by Buckles and Spencer.
I was covering that championship game on a tight, tight deadline, so I met Justice at midfield for a quick 20-second interview before knocking out my column.
Here was the interview:
Me: “Congratulations Mike. Let me ask you something: Do you know how many passes y’all threw tonight?”
Justice, pausing and obviously thinking about it, finally said: “Well, I know this much. If we threw one, it was a damned audible.”
They never threw it. They didn’t have to. It might have been the shortest post-game interview I ever did. It might have been the best.
“That was a close team, a great team,” Justice said recently. “I can’t wait to see all those guys all together again. Friday night ought to be fun.”

7 responses to “Madison Central to celebrate the remarkable 1999 Jaguars”

  1. Johnnie Bryant says:

    I couldn’t read it and not comment. Mike Justice is the best coach in the history of Mississippi High School Football! I spent 6yrs playing in a tough Justice system & 8yrs watching & admiring his system! I just want to say to the 1999 jaguars, I enjoyed every moment all the way to the top w/ you guys!!! And to Coach Justice(” The Dick”-tator), we love you & always will for creating a band of brothers through blood, sweat & tears; & in the end, made it to the mountain top!!! We love you coach!!!!
    ’99 state champs-
    -J.J. Bryant

  2. Jeremy Luckett says:

    O’yes . I thank God for having the opportunity to grind on that front offensive line. It’s been years now but it seems like yesterday. The blood sweat and tears was worth it. Coach Justice will always have a spot in my Hart and life. To my team at that time we did it 15-0 . Mississippi . How u love that ????? Lol #70 LT JEREMY LUCKETT

    • D Luckett says:

      You were great son. I love you. Do great things in life. Keep God first. Show love for your family. God bless and oh yea, Bobo ran off your back. You were tough. Much love.

    • D Luckett says:

      You were great son/Jeremy . I love you. Do great things in life. Keep God first. Show love for your family. God bless and oh yea, Bobo ran off your back. You were tough. Much love.

  3. Jeff Hollomon says:

    I played 91-94. I felt like a proud papa watching MC dominate the state championship game against Provine and the great Willie Collins. To all the guys that helped pave the way and those that came after, Go Jags!

  4. Sylvester Brown says:

    15-0 Baby

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