Memories, yes; prediction, no — not from Boo

Posted on: October 23,2013

Boo Ferriss has no prediction on this World Series except that, “I know I’ll be pulling for the Red Sox.”
In fact, Ferriss ate a lunch today that included a cup of clam chowder “in honor of New England.”
Ferriss, who shutout the Cardinals in Game Three of the 1946 World Series, believes it is almost silly to make predictions in a seven-game series.
“Anything can happen in a short series, that’s just the nature of baseball,” he said. “Both teams have really good pitching and good lineups. Both teams won 97 games in the regular season. It’s just a matter of who plays the best at the appointed time, and that’s what we’ll start to find out tonight.”
Ferriss loves tonight’s pitching matchup of the Cards’ Adam Wainwright vs. the Red Sox Jon Lester.
“Lester had a bad stretch, but he’s pitched great the last couple months,” Ferriss said. “Wainwright had a great season. He’s been light’s out, and he’s always been a big game pitcher.”
Here’s the closest you will get to getting a prediction from Ferriss: “That Wainwright is a good hitter, as well as pitcher. The Cardinals really have an edge when the series moves back to St. Louis, because their pitchers have hit. Wainwright can really hit.”
Ferriss, who often pinch-hit as a Red Sox pitcher, knows a thing or two about the value of a good hitting pitcher. He routinely helped himself win games at the plate and once pinch-hit for the clean-up hitter and delivered a game-winning hit.
The Ferriss home phone has been ringing constantly this week with people wanting to talk Red Sox-Cardinals.
“I’ve had calls from folks all over New England and Missisippi, too,” Ferriss said. “Everybody wants to know who I think will win, but I just don’t get into that. I hope the Red Sox win.”
Me? I like the Cardinals in six games. Their pitching is better. Wainwright and Michael Wacha are both aces, shutdown starters. The Red Sox don’t have one of those.
Link:  Boo Ferriss has grand memories of 1946.

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