Our new touchscreen kiosks rock!

Posted on: February 20,2013

We hosted the Wendy’s High School Heisman statewide awards luncheon Tuesday, which honored many of the state’s best, brightest and most civic-minded student-athletes.

Wendy’s Heisman winners Haley Hobart, Evan Talton with Rick Cleveland.

So imagine my delight when I noted how intrigued they were by our new touchscreen kiosks that tell the stories of Mississippi’s Sports Hall of Famers.
“This is really, really cool,” one after another said in one form or another.
It is really, really a huge improvement. In recent weeks, we have replaced 1996 computers and screens  with 2013 technology. The kiosks have bigger, high-def screens and they are much easier to navigate. (Thank-you Communication Arts).
Today, we hosted an Ole Miss Chancellor’s luncheon and I had the chance to show Dan Jones and several other Rebels those same new kiosks. They oohed and ahed over Artie Cosby’s wind-blown field goal back in 1983. I saw it live and have seen it scores of times on our kiosks. I still can’t believe it. They also got a kick over an Archie Manning highlights clip, backed by theBallad of Archie Who.
My State friends have plenty to watch as well. The 1996 SEC Tournament celebration in New Orleans is a favorite on the basketball kiosk. The last-minute goal-line stand in the 1980 6-3 victory over Alabama — replete with Jack Cristil’s call, is a favorite on the football kiosk. You can watch Boo Ferriss pitch in the 1946 World Series on the baseball kiosk.
USM fans held a meet-and-greet with Coach Todd Monken last week, and I lost count of how many times they played Sammy Winder’s incredible dive into the end zone against Ole Miss, Brett Favre’s game-winning touchdown pass against Florida State and Ray Guy’s 93-yard punt that travelled 110 yards.

Haley Hobart and Evan Talton with the new football kiosk.

We had some folks from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation here a couple weeks ago. Imagine how blown away their reporters were to see ex-State great Jackie Parker lead the Edmonton Eskimos to victory in the Grey Cup on a Jackson, MS touchscreen kiosk. They also were impressed with Walter Payton’s highlights and Dizzy Dean’s rendition of Wabash Cannonball.
My point is, there’s something for everybody on our much-improved, state-of-the-art kiosks. Mississippi’s legends live forever on those screens.
The new technology has much-improved the overall museum experience and our admission price remains the same. There are many, many more improvements in the works, technologically and otherwise.
Come see us. Better yet, support our state’s sports heritage by clicking the donate button on the top of this page. And keep in mind, our arena area, with all the exhibits, is available for rent for your banquet or function.

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