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Posted on: September 16,2012
Scattershooting while wondering how Oxford’s plumbing held up to the Texas invasion. . .
• Did you see the play Western Kentucky used to beat Kentucky in overtime? It was a throwback from a halfback to the quarterback who made a shoestring catch and then could have walked into the end zone. It was a thing of beauty.
• Did you see the personal foul call against Louisiana-Monroe that extended an Auburn touchdown drive in Auburn’s narrow victory. It was disgraceful. It was a clean hit and the call could easily have cost ULM its second straight road victory over an SEC opponent.
• Yeah, it was close, but State prevailed at Troy. Of all the things that have impressed me about Dan Mullen’s coaching at dear ol’ State, the most impressive is this: He wins the games he’s supposed to win. That’s the key at Ole Miss and State. Win the ones you are supposed to win and then get a couple you aren’t. That means a bowl game every year.
• Count me among those who won’t mourn USC’s (and Lane Kiffin’s) late-night loss to Stanford. Just goes to prove there is some justice in the world.
• Rest in peace, Arkansas.
• Have to say: Athletically, not a whole lot of Rebels looked like they belonged on the field with the Longhorn super studs but one who did was sleek, gifted wide receiver Donte Moncrief who is a monster of an athlete.
• Scary: Alabama has an athlete like Moncrief at every position and others chomping at the bit to get on the field.
• Somebody tweeted at me in the wee hours, asking what was the most points ever given up by an Ole Miss team. The answer was 92 to Vandy in 1915. So then I started looking at that Vandy-Ole Miss series in the early years. Fact: Vandy outscored Ole Miss 520-2 in the first 16 meetings between the two teams. Early this morning somebody tweeted back: “Ole Miss’s recent record against Vandy isn’t much better.
• Still like the play-calling and attacking, fast-paced offense Hugh Freeze is employing at Ole Miss, but he needs more Moncriefs and more beef up front.
• OK, time to get ready for the Saints vs. Cam…

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