The picks: We're both going with Bama

Posted on: November 29,2012

All righty then … On top of the heap (mighty small heap, as heaps go) by two games over Rickey C. as the season slides inexorably toward its denouement. We start with …
Louisville at Rutgers: The Big East is complicated, mediocre and boring, and whoever is ranked highest in the final BCS ratings gets a BCS bid. Louisville is 13th, Rutgers is unranked, and the world yawns and wonders how the Big East still rates an automatic bid. Rutgers 24, Louisville 21 on Thursday night.
Northern Illinois-Kent State: For all the MAC glory, as it were. Kent State 38, Northern Illinois 35.
UCLA at Stanford: Stanford’s Big D won out the first time over the Bruins. Why argue against history? Stanford 28, UCLA 20.
Oklahoma at TCU: Okies, with overwhelming offense and no “D” whatsoever, heads to Fort Worth against a TCU team coming off a victory over Texas. Déjà vu for the Sooners from last week. OU 50, TCU 49.
Central Florida at Tulsa: No clue. So, go with the home team. Tulsa 31, UCF 27.
Kansas at West Virginia: WVU flamed out after a Herculean start. Kansas never got started. Geno can still boogie. WVU 62, KU 22.
Boise State at Nevada: When in doubt go with the program that has played lots of big games. Boise 31, Nevada 17.
Cincinnati at UConn: Cincy’s still good, long after Chip Kelly landed in South Bend. UC 42, UConn 31.
Alabama-Georgia in Atlanta: Notre Dame gets the winner for the national title, and Georgia has played great lately. But Alabama, defending national champs, winner of two of the last three titles, ain’t Georgia Tech. Better get some pressure on Aaron Murray. Bama 35, UGA 31.
Pittsburgh at South Florida: Oh, boy! More Big East! Bulls 21, Pitt 17.
Texas at Kansas State: Gotta figure K-State’s going to torch Manny Diaz’s defense. Wildcats 45, UT 30.
Florida State-Georgia Tech for the ACC title: Did you see what Georgia did to Tech last week? Yikes. FSU 41, Tech 20.
Nebraska-Wisconsin for the Big Ten title (minus 12-0 Ohio State, in NCAA jail for cheating): Wisconsin stunk last week. Nebraska’s surviving. Huskers 28, Badgers 24.
Saints at Falcons on Thursday: At 5-7, the Saints are just about dusted and done. (Sniff.) Falcons 31, Saints 28. Oh, I so hope I’m wrong. But not much is going to put my heart back together. Sean Payton, please come home …

Rick’s Picks

Louisville at Rutgers: Opposite the Saints-Falcons, who cames? Rutgers 21-17.
Northern Illinois-Kent State: Two pretty dadgum good teams playing for the MAC title. Northern Illinois on a hunch, 30-27.
UCLA at Stanford: Smart guys (Stanford), again, 27-21.
Oklahoma at TCU: Upset. I guess. TCU 37-34.
Central Florida at Tulsa: Should be a good game. Tulsa is tough at home. Tulsa, 30-27 for the championship of what is left of the C-USA.
Kansas at West Virginia: Mismatch. Mountaineers, 47-20.
Boise State at Nevada: I rarely go against Boise and won’t this time. BSU, 30-26.
Cincinnati at UConn: I’ll go with UC…can’t lose, can I? OK, UConn, 27-24.
Alabama-Georgia in Atlanta: Mark Richt is the comeback coach of the year but he won’t win this one. Bama, 34-20.
Pittsburgh at South Florida: Another Big East battle, brimming with tradition (he typed laughing. Pitt, 20-17.
Texas at Kansas State: Still can’t figure out how Texas was the only team to really torch Ole Miss. Longhorns aren’t that good. K-State, 41-30.
Florida State-Georgia Tech for the ACC title: Tickets for this ACC middleweight championship bout are going for $4 on Stubhub. FSU, 30-27.
Nebraska-Wisconsin for the Big Ten title (minus 12-0 Ohio State, in NCAA jail for cheating): Huskers, 30-24.
Saints at Falcons on Thursday: Oh what the heck: Saints, 30-27.

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