The Saints: after further review

Posted on: October 21,2012
Nothing comes easily for these New Orleans Saints. As the announcers signed off on the Saints’ 35-28 victory over Tampa Bay Sunday, one asked the question: “Can the Saints get back in this NFC South race?”
My take: Not unless the defense plays better, much better. They were better in the second half Sunday, but better than abysmal is not saying much.
Before going further: The game ball definitely should have go to safety Malcolm Jenkins. His hustle play to save a Bucs touchdown was the difference in the game. He made up 20 yards in 70 yards on a speedster.
Still, the Saints must improve defensively to make any kind of run. They’ve got Denver Sunday night at Denver. You think Peyton Manning won’t salivate when he watches the lack of pass rush and coverage the Saints have displayed all season?
Drew Brees will get his against Denver’s leaky D, but the Saints may have to score 50 to win.
The Saints’ other big problem is that they are chasing the undefeated Atlanta Falcons, who do play defense and run the football well enough to keep opponents’ offenses off the field for long periods of time.
The Saints have a long, long way to go, but Jenkins’ heroic tackle and Brees’ impeccable passing have kept them in the discussion for another week.

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