These guys can't pick their noses

Posted on: September 11,2012
So, we move into the third week of the college season, all square as they would say at the British Open. After two weeks, Orley and Rick are dead even at 5-4, meaning they have picked one more right than wrong. That would be good against the spread, but they’re picking head-up. Which means, of course, chances are they could have done just as well flipping a coin.
It is early in the season, so maybe they’ll eventually get into mid-season form. Or, maybe not.
Orley goes first
Mississippi State at Troy: If you’re a State fan and you have gray hair, this is why. A sucker game, on the road. Who scheduled this? Big win against Auburn, then off into the darkness south of Montgomery … Better be ready. State 28, Troy 17.
Texas at Ole Miss: Tailgating heaven, no question. The Grove will be rockin’. Then the game will start. Hugh Freeze just doesn’t have the bullets to take down the Longhorns. UT 42, UM 17.
East Carolina at Southern Miss: No fun for ECU at South Carolina. No fun for USM at Nebraska. The Golden Eagles get well first, kicking the unforced error blues. USM 28, ECU 24.
Texas A&M at SMU: Have the Aggies already gone back to the Southwest Conference? Is Craig James playing for the Ponies? Wouldn’t matter. That A&M kid QB can get it. Here’s to the SEC … A&M 38, SMU 20.
Florida at Tennessee: Remember when Peyton Manning played quarterback at UT and the Vols could never beat the Gators? That was then and this is now (no, cause and effect are not in play). This is a battle of coaches trying to work their way through the heavy shadows of tradition and back into the limelight. Vols 31, Gators 21.

Arizona State at Missouri: The score against Georgia looked lopsided, but don’t be fooled. The run of play through three quarters was pretty much a dead heat. Mizzou looks like a real SEC program to me. Missouri 24, ASU 21.
Alabama at Arkansas: After last week’s train wreck, it’s fair to think Arkansas will be burning for a victory. Too bad for the Hogs that they’re not playing Alabama State. Tide 45, Razorbacks 14.
Louisiana-Monroe at Auburn: Got to give it to ULM. The victory over Arkansas was one for the ages. Auburn regroups after getting kicked in the gut by Mississippi State. Auburn 30, ULM 14.
Saints at Carolina: Better play better defense this week, or Cam Newton will kick down the door. Big day for Cam. Bigger day for Drew. Saints 38, Carolina 31.
Rick’s picks
Mississippi State at Troy: One thing about Dan Mullen, he seems to always win the games he’s supposed to. I know this looks like a trap, but State gets out of it. State 31, Troy 13.
Texas at Ole Miss: Hugh Freeze has Ole Miss playing just about as well as the Rebels can possibly play, but that’s not good enough to beat the Longhorns. UT 38, UM 24.
East Carolina at Southern Miss: For whatever reason, USM usually has East Carolina’s number. Freshman Anthony Alford, a special talent, makes his first collegiate start, runs for 150, throws for 200 and USM wins 30-24.
Texas A&M at SMU: This will be closer than a lot of folks think. A&M 24, SMU 21.
Florida at Tennessee: Big win for Florida last week at College Station. I think the Gators do it again. Florida 27, Tennessee 24.
Arizona State at Missouri: Mizzou, 24-21, I think. But the Tigers had so much invested last week in their SEC opener, a second straight Missouri loss would not surprise.
Alabama at Arkansas: Arkansas doesn’t have its all-star quarterback, which means Alabama can’t maim him. The Crimson Tide will maim whomever is next. Bama, 40-10.
Louisiana-Monroe at Auburn: Can ULM do it again and take first place in the SEC West. Probably not. Auburn 24, ULM 14.
Saints at Carolina: I know a lot of folks think last Sunday was an aberration where the Saints were concerned. I thought a lot of weaknesses were exposed. Panthers 27, Saints 24.

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