This week's not-so-fearless forecast….

Posted on: September 12,2013

The picks, not the fix, are in…
I was 8-3 last week with nice picks on Miami over Florida and Michigan over Notre Dame. Happily missed on Jackson State and the Saints, which both won big games.
That makes me 16-5 on the season a winning percentage of 76.1, which will only get you fired at, say, Texas or Florida…
So here we go:
Auburn 17, State 16 — The report this week has overshadowed what is an extremely important game. About the report: Frankly I don’t know what more schools can do about players accepting money and gifts from agents, except tell them over and over and over again not to do it. About the game: In a close game I have go with the home team in a loud, loud stadium.
Ole Miss 37, Texas 34 — If this is an upset, it’s a mild one. Obviously, something’s not right at Texas. Ole Miss pretty much does offensively what BYU does and BYU ran roughshod through the Longhorns.
Arkansas 27, Southern Miss 17 — The pointspread is 22; I think it will be closer. But Southern Miss is beat up physically and surely emotionally. Fayetteville is a tough place to play, especially if you haven’t done it before.
Alcorn 27, MVSU 13 — Back in the SWAC, the Alcorn Braves will do just fine.
Tennessee State 20, JSU 19 — Both teams coming off big wins going into Heritage Classic at Memphis. TSU was particularly impressive in routing Florida A & M on the road.
Alabama 30, Texas A & M 26 — A rare game I would pay to watch.
Louisville 37, Kentucky 14 — Louisville is a really good team with a difference maker at quarterback.
Oregon 37, Tennessee 17 — Can you believe the Vols are 27.5 underdogs….I mean I know Oregon is good, but…
South Carolina 27, Vandy 17 — Vandy won’t go down easy. Love the way Vandy is coached.
Denver Broncos 30, New York 27 — The Manning Bowl, older brother visits younger brother. I am an older brother.
Saints 27, Tampa Bay 24 — Can’t pick against dem Saints two weeks in a row.

3 responses to “This week's not-so-fearless forecast….”

  1. Leonard Van Slyke says:

    You had a pretty good week, Old Man.

  2. Rick Cleveland says:

    11-0…I think maybe I should retire.

  3. Pay Boland says:

    11-0 Impressive !!!

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