You really couldn't make this up . . .

Posted on: October 05,2013

Since Southern Miss last won a football game…
… 650 days have passed.
… we have celebrated Christmas twice.
… USM has lost 16 consecutive football games.
….USM has had three presidents, three athletic directors, two football coaches and been nearly blown away by one EF4 multiple-vortex wedge tornado (the king daddy of tornadoes).
… USM has allowed 636 points while scoring only 261 (an average of 40-16 if you are keeping score).
… USM has created only 15 opponents’ turnovers in 16 games, while committing a whopping 43. (That’s a minus 28 in turnovers if you are keeping score, and I know you are.)
… USM has played seven quarterbacks.
… Alabama has won 18 games and two national championships.
… the stock market has risen nearly 4,000 points (you needed a little good news didn’t you?)
So why am I putting all this out here today. Because, today, it ends.
I think.

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  1. Larry says:

    Could the solution be on the bench?

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