You Will be Missed, Margaret

Posted on: October 01,2015

It is a little less frenetic and quieter around our offices today and there is definitely a sad feeling among those of us remaining here.  After 20 plus years of keeping the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame open and functioning, Margaret Ferriss-White has retired!  We all knew the day was coming and we take great joy knowing she will now have time to walk the dog, workout for hours and play golf but we miss her already.
Margaret joined the staff of the Hall of Fame before it even had a building.  She joined Michael Rubenstein as a two person staff planning and creating this monument to our state’s athletic history.  Of course Margaret had a vested interest in the Hall since her father, Boo Ferriss, was already a member, but a lot of the museum off of Lakeland Drive here in Jackson is the product of her labors.
Margaret has done it all, planning, budgeting, staffing, developing and laboring to make sure golf tournaments, footraces, induction ceremonies and award banquets went off well.  She set guidelines and work ethic for all around the facility and knows not only those enshrined in the building but the volunteers that help run the place and those renting the building for functions.  She truly has done it all.
Running the place has been second nature to her.  She knows exactly where everything is or should be and can recall where to look when something comes up missing.  I will be keeping her number on speed-dial because I’m sure there will be many things we will all need to find in the future.  Margaret, I will apologize now because I know I am likely to call your cell phone right when you are putting or ready to tee off.
Everyone wishes you the best and a pleasant retirement but know you are welcome back anytime you want.  All concerned will miss you more than you will ever know!

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