Ten things about the NCAA Tournament…

Posted on: April 07,2015

Ten things about the NCAA Basketball Tournament…



  1. It’s still the most exciting event on the sports calendar, and
  2. Games like Wisconsin-Kentucky are what make it so, and
  3. I have said since Ole Miss had a shot to win in regulation at Kentucky on the opening week of the SEC schedule that I didn’t think Kentucky could run the table, but I was beginning to wonder, and
  4. The officiating in the Final Four was really inconsistent, really poor. If those were the best officials in college basketball, as they should be, then it was sad for college basketball, and
  5. I guess it’s time for John Calipari to reload, and,
  6. I couldn’t help pulling for Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan. Here’s a guy who coached high school ball, then Division III ball (three national titles), who had paid his dues, done it the right way, is a helluva coach and seems to be a helluva guy, and
  7. Boy, Decker disappeared in the championship game, didn’t he, and
  8. My buddy Tim Floyd tells me all the time that the teams with the best guards are the teams that usually wins in college basketball. Duke’s guards were awesome in the championship game, and, that’s the one of the two main reasons Duke won, and
  9. The other was suffocating defense, especially on Decker, and
  10. Can’t wait til next year.

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