Wet football? You ain't seen nothing…

Posted on: August 30,2012
The forecast for season openers at Oxford and Starkville calls for wind and a chance of thunderstorms. Dress appropriately. And remember, no matter, what Mother Nature does, it won’t be the worst-ever playing conditions for a college football in Mississippi.
That probably happened in 1907 when Ole Miss and State traveled to Jackson for their annual grudge match. Back then, they played at the State Fairgrounds. In 1907, they played after several days of hard rain. Much of the field was under water. Newspaper reports say that in some areas of the
field, water was nearly knee deep.
State, then Mississippi A&M, won the game 15-0, and nobody drowned.
Some Ole Miss players, however, did get sloshed. Legend has it that Ole Miss
coach Frank Mason chose to provide an urn of coffee on the sideline to keep
his team warm. To make sure that his guys were good and warm, he spiked the
coffee with bourbon whiskey.
So you probably won’t be surprised to learn that Mason coached only that one
season at Ole Miss – or that his team lost all six of its games, scoring six
points and allowing 195.
When asked afterward about his team’s travel plans, Mason said he was
staying in Jackson but sending his team back to Oxford.
“And I hope I never see them again,” coach Frank Mason said.
If that’s not a Hall of Fame moment, I don’t know what is.

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