Confessions of a football addict

Posted on: September 02,2012
Yesterday, I learned how the other 99.99 percent lives. With no game to “cover,” I watched football on TV from 8 a.m. until midnight.
TV timeouts?
I just switched games.
It began with Notre Dame and Navy. “Are they really playing this early?” the wife said.
It ended with Oklahoma and UTEP. “They can’t still be playing,” she said.
Gotta admit. I almost ODed on football. Some of those second-tier announcers are really, really awful. On the other hand, there’s always the mute button.
A few observations:
Best halftime speech: Didn’t hear it, but it had to be from Hugh Freeze: Ole Miss, down 20-14 at halftime to Central Arkansas, scores 35 straight points to win 49-27.

Sweetest victory: Alcorn State, under rookie head coach Jay Hopson, knocks off Grambling 23-22 at Shreveport.
Efense: What happened to USM’s “D” at Nebraska? It was AWOL. Either Nebraska’s Taylor Martinez is the next Peyton Manning or USM has serious issues on defense.
Nice warmup: As expected, Mississippi State was bigger, stronger, faster, and much better than Jackson State. Real season starts Saturday. Auburn has a few tons of athletes.
Earning your money: Savannah State received $385,000, minus expenses, for traveling to Oklahoma State for an 84-0 beatdown. That’s $4,533.33 per point, about $32,000 per touchdown.
Ready for the next level: Alabama. Now. No. 1 ranked SoCal wants none of Bammer.
Where’s Case Keenum when you need’im? Did you see where Houston lost to Texas State 20-10?
Three’s a crowd: USM played three quarterbacks against Nebraska, which doesn’t allow for a whole lot of rhythm. A tough decision looms. I’m betting Alford becomes the guy.
Looking forward to: Auburn vs. Mississippi State.

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