Did Seahawks knock Saints out, really out?

Posted on: December 03,2013

The Seattle Seahawks took the New Orleans Saints behind the proverbial woodshed Monday night, trouncing the Saints 34-7 in a game that was every bit as one-sided as the score would indicate.
Russell WIlson out-Drewed the great Brees. And the Seattle defense, led by ex-Mississippi State linebacker K.J. Wright, stoned the Saints offense. Whether in pass coverage or run-stopping, Wright excelled. He helped handle Jimmy Graham as well as Jimmy Graham can be handled.
Now then, let’s look at the big picture. Can a team get beaten as thoroughly as the Saints did Monday night and still be a player in the Super Bowl picture.
History tells us: a resounding yes. A team can get beaten that badly and go on and win it.
Last year, the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens were beaten 43-13 by the Houston Texans. In 2011 the New York Giants were beaten 49-24 by the New Orleans Saints in the Superdome. I was there. It looked like men and boys. The 2010 Packers were never blown out but lost six times including one game when they scored only three points against the lowly Detroit Lions.
You play 16 games, these things happen.
Still, the Saints have much to prove. No. 1, that they are not “a dome team.” That they can play well in the elements. Monday night, they also got a dose of what visiting teams get when they visit New Orleans. The Saints clearly were bothered — game long — by the incredibly loud Seattle throng.
It appears certain that the Saints eventually will have to win in Seattle to get to the Super Bowl, which will be played in the Meadowlands where the “elements” could be frightening.
First things first: The Saints play Cam Newton and Carolina two times in the next three weeks.They are now tied with the Panthers in the standings. It appeared they might have lost their right tackle, Zach Strief in the second half Monday night. Their plane broke down and they had to spend an extra night in the Northwest.
It’s going to be a short week before playing Carolina at home Sunday night. It will be loud — this time for the Panthers.
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  1. Jon Altman says:

    Any Given Sunday (or Monday night).

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