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Posted on: December 05,2014

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Thirty months ago, after more than 40 years as a full-time sports newspaper guy, I switched occupations. I went from sports columnist, which presented essentially one major task a day, to directing your Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum, which presents several and varied responsibilities.
I had big shoes — Michael Rubenstein’s — to fill and knew it. On the flip side this was a mission I knew would be rewarding. I had spent most of a lifetime writing Mississippi’s grand sports history. Now, I would help preserve it.



This has been an eventful 30 months.
Thanks to a dedicated staff and a splendid board of directors, your Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame prospers.
We have replaced outdated technology with new. We have renovated old exhibits and added new. The 18-year-old building has received a major facelift. Ground has been broken and work is underway on desperately needed storage facility. We are expanding our museum store. We have paved our parking lot. We have added several fund-raising events to help pay for all that. Our new “Mississippi’s Greatest Athletes” coffee table book — still another fundraiser — has been incredibly successful. We are nearly sold out. A new printing has been ordered and is due in mid-January.
We have much work left to do. Top of the list: We need a new theatre production. The present 12-minute film that greets visitors is approaching 20 years old. It is a splendid film, but it is also outdated. Mississippians have won NFL MVPs, Super Bowl MVPs and numerous Olympic gold medals in those nearly two decades. What’s more, we have the seen the advent of high definition.
We need a new film, a new high-def projector. To do Mississippi sports history justice, the project will cost approximately $250,000. Here’s a standing offer: Write us a check; we’ll put your name on the theatre that tells the incredible story of Mississippi’s sports history.
I have actively sought such a donor. So far, I haven’t found he or she or it. We are a 501(C)3, non-profit entity. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.
While I am not giving up on finding that single donor, I would gladly settle for a grass roots effort of 250 folks giving $1000 each, 2,500 giving $100 each, 25,000 folks giving $100 each — or any combination thereof.
We are approaching the end of the year. Some of us are fortunate enough to need tax deductions.
If you are looking for one, consider your Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum. Here’s my promise: We will put your donation, no matter the size, to good use.
You can help by clicking the “DONATE” button at the top of this webpage. Or you can send a donation to 1152 Lakeland Drive, Jackson, MS 39215.
Please consider helping preserve Mississippi’s remarkable sports history.
Merry Christmas from your Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame.

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