If Ole Miss wins, would it really be an upset?

Posted on: November 20,2013

The newly ranked Ole Miss Rebels play host to Missouri Saturday night in a game that will have a great deal of bearing on what bowl game invites the Rebels.
Las Vegas oddsmakers have installed Missouri as a 3-point favorite at Oxford, which surprises me. Frankly I think the Rebels, who are gaining yards and scoring points at a record clip, should be favored. Vaught-Hemingway is not a fun place to visit these days, especially at night. Ole Miss has a distinct home field advantage. Ask LSU.
And that’s why I am picking it: Ole Miss 34, Missouri 31.
After a 7-3 record last week, my season record now stands at 90-30. That’s 75 percent. Let’s see if we can’t take that up a notch.
Mississippi State 24, Arkansas 20 — Yes, I know, State might be playing a freshman quarterback. Still, I like the ’Dogs, who are strong against the run, especially between the tackles and that’s what the Hogs like to do.
Middle Tennessee State 41, Southern Miss 13 — I don’t know what else to say. It’s a nightmare that doesn’t go away. USM is a whopping 22-point underdog at home. And I don’t think it’s enough.
LSU 42, Texas A & M 38 — LSU can’t stop Johnny F, but Johnny F’s defensive teammates can’t stop much of anybody.
Vanderbilt 26, Tennessee 24 — The oddsmakers say this is an upset. I just don’t see it that way, even though the Commodores are on the road.
Duke 31, Wake Forest 24 — Win this one and the Fighting Cutcliffes are 9-2 going into the finale with North Carolina. Could we possibly see an Ole Miss-Duke bowl matchup? Would that be fun?
East Carolina 34, NC State 24 — East Carolina is the better team, even on the road.
Chattanooga 30, Alabama 27 — Just kidding…Really, I am just kidding.
Notre Dame 28, BYU 27 — I flipped a coin. Tails, it was Notre Dame.
Penn State 17, Nebraska 14 — I flipped a coin. Heads, it was Penn State.
Saints 34, Falcons 17 — The Thursday night special. Interestingly, it never has mattered much where this game is played. The Saints are 22-23 against the Falcons at home and 20-23 against the Falcons on the road. Don’t think the Falcons can stop Brees & Atlanta or anywhere else.

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