Madden 15 is on the money; so, how about you?

Posted on: February 03,2015

madden tournament poster
How realistic is Madden 15, the Electronic Arts (EA) video game that mimicks the NFL?
Scarily realistic is the answer.
Madden 15 correctly predicted the score of last Sunday’s Super Bowl — on the nose. Better than Vegas. Perfect.
Madden 15 will be on display in a big way Saturday at your Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame when we host the Cowboy Maloney’s Hall of Fame Bowl. Six days after the Super Bowl determined the best football team in the world, we will try to identify the best Madden 15 gamer in Mississippi. To the victor will go a 60-inch high definition LG television, donated by Cowboy Maloney’s.
The Madden series of football games has been the holy grail of sports video gamers for nearly two decades. In recent years, EA has simulated the Super Bowl matchup in the days leading up to the game.
This year, in the simulation, the Patriots came back from a 24-14 deficit to beat the Seahawks 28-24 on a late touchdown pass from Tom Brady to wide receiver Julian Edelman.
Sound familiar?
That’s just what happened in real life. Brady threw four touchdowns in the Madden 15 Super Bowl, just as he did in the real Super Bowl. About the only thing the Madden 15 game didn’t accurately predict was that former Vicksburg Popeyes employee Malcolm Butler would make a game-saving interception or that Tom Brady would give Butler his MVP truck.
The Cowboy Maloney’s Hall of Fame Bowl is limited to the first 64 people to sign up, which you can do on-line or by calling 601 982-8264. The entry fee is $25. Lunch will be provided by Pizza Shack.
The championship game will be played on the museum’s 80-inch scoreboard TV with stadium seating for 50 on the mezzanine level .
Sign up on-line here.

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