The story behind "Football on your Phone"

Posted on: August 08,2013

Leave it to Cooper Manning, the funniest human not doing standup for a living, for the best one-liner on the new Direct TV music video featuring his daddy and two younger brothers.
“I was pretty amazed that my Dad wrote that song,” Coop deadpanned. “I mean, for a guy who only  listens to Conway Twitty and Jerry Jeff Walker, it was pretty impressive.”
If you haven’t watched the “Football on Your Phone” video on the Internet, you must not own a computer — or a cellphone for that matter. It has gone viral.
“Somebody told me this morning that the thing has gotten over four million views,” Archie Manning said this morning. “So I guess it did what they wanted it to do.”
Make that 5,000,000 just two hours later. I would try to describe the video. My words wouldn’t do it justice. There are wigs involved. Bad wigs. Bourbon Street. Peyton and Eli rapping. Leggy women in black fishnet stockings. Alexander Graham Bell. A port-a-let. Spilled milk. Oh hell, click here if you haven’t watched it or read on..
The taping was done in New Orleans July 10. Archie Manning’s back was killing him. He could barely sit up straight, much less walk. He has since had a five and a half hour back surgery.
“I’ve had people ask me why we did it,” Archie said. “Well, we’ve partnered with Direct TV for 16 years now. We’ve had a great relationship with them for a long, long time. They’re a great company. I mean think about it: football on your phone. Any NFL game. What a concept!”
It is amazing, especially when you consider that Archie Manning played in the first college football game televised in primetime in 1969.
The picture back then on your living room TV wasn’t nearly as clear as the high def picture you can get on a cell phone now from just about anywhere.
“Peyton and Eli worked on that thing from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.,” Archie said. “I tried to beg out because of my back but they said all I had to do was sit there for a few minutes.”
And wear a wig. And a necklace. And a white, gold-studded, leisure suit-looking number.
“I hated that wig,” Archie said. “My grandmother had a wig just like that.”
Archie Manning said he has been a little surprised at criticism his sons have received for doing what some have termed a “silly” commercial for big bucks.
“People would not believe all the stuff Peyton and Eli turn down; it makes their agents sick,” Archie said. “I’m talking about seven-figure deals.”
For his part, Archie Manning is much more looking forward to the ESPN Documentary “The Book of Manning,” which will be part of the SEC Storied series. The John Goodman-narrated film will debut on ESPN Sept. 24. There will be a fund-raising premier Sept. 6 at the Gertrude Ford Performing Arts Center in Oxford. Proceeds will to to the Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital.
Remember, Peyton and Eli Manning have raised millions upon millions for children’s hospitals. Shouldn’t we allow them a little fun? . . .

5 responses to “The story behind "Football on your Phone"”

  1. Neil White says:

    The Mannings are kind, generous, smart — and funny as hell. Loved the video. Anyone who complains has no sense of humor.

  2. Leon Bruce says:

    Drew grad 1960. Only time I ever pulled for Ole Miss was when Archie and Eli was there. To me rap music is an oxymoron except this one. Anyone that does not like this probably does not like apple pie or baseball either.

  3. Jan Irwin Pointer says:

    Although I have to say “Football on my phone” would not have been not my first choice for the song that has stuck in my mind for days on end, I have nothing but admiration for the Manning family. My mama and many, many family members of mine are from Drew, Mississippi, and Archie was a superstar when I was a student at Delta State. Their good deeds are many, and will continue to be so!

  4. Elma Williams says:

    I am sure anything Payton & Eli do is fine. My husband and I have always loved them. We started with Archie at Ole Miss. Did’t miss a game. we love them all

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