Who's laughing now?

Posted on: October 29,2012

As most folks know, I graduated from Southern Miss, so, in a way, I am telling this on myself.
As my friends, from all schools know, I appreciate a good joke, especially a clean one.
So, a really good Ole Miss friend of mine asked me today did I know the perfect solution for what Mississippi State fans can do with their “I believe, 8-0!” signs and posters from last week.
I said, no, but I figured he did.
I was right.
Said he, “All they have to do is give them to their USM friends and tell them to turn them upside down.”
Ba-da, ba-da bing!
Now then, to all my Ole Miss friends, I would point out that Hugh Freeze is a 1992 graduate of Southern Miss, so he must have learned something at the school down south. I would also point out that USM owed Ole Miss for producing College Football Hall of Famer Thad “Pie” Vann, the great USM coach, and Roland Dale, the highly successful USM athletic director and Mississippi Sports Hall of Famer.

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